a home studio doesn’t have to break the bank!

Getting a room professionally soundproofed can be quite expensive. However, there are a number of solutions for getting a similar effect for less without having to completely renovate your house.

Walls, doors and windows need extra insulation to absorb noise. The ceiling needs extra insulation as well to keep noise from getting in or out, especially if your studio is in the basement of a busy household.

Creating Your Own Voice-Over Cave

1. Mattress Covers. Egg crate mattress covers are an economical way to obtain soundproofing and work similarly to acoustic foam. They can be found at many discount supply stores and often in thrift stores. They can easily be installed by gluing or stapling them to your walls.

2. Carpeting. The thicker the better! It’s not just for flooring either. You can attach carpet to your walls or cut strips of carpeting and attach them to the seams around windows and doors to dampen the noise coming in from outside. Go to your local flooring company and ask about purchasing their miscuts.

3. Sound Baffles. These are barriers that stop the reverberation in a room. Attach sheets or pieces of foam at various points across your ceiling to reduce airborne sound. They don’t need to touch the floor to make significant impact and are extra items you likely have around your home.


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