I want to get started in audio production and doing voiceovers. All I have right now is a Labtec Microphone that I bought on the shelf of a local Wal-Mart store of mine and I am really under the impression that that might not be considered adequate enough by seekers of professional voice-over talent.

How much professional home studio equipment is needed or not perform voice-over and narration works from your home.

This is pretty simple. In fact, I always say keep it simple.

The phrase to learn here is “Audio Chain” or “Signal Chain”. In other words, how you get the sound of your voice into your computer.

It can be quite complex and expensive if you want to impress your friends and drain your life savings, or you can use some very consumer level products and still have enough money left for the boxes of mac and cheese you’ll require to live on until you find enough work to support yourself.

But seriously, take things step by step and understand why each thing is needed and why some things are not.

Today, digital recording takes a big chunk out of the effort to get great sound.

First off, of course, your microphone. Yeah, while a Labtech off the shelf computer mic might sound better than your old cassette recorder mic, it won’t hack it in this ever increasingly competitive market. The good news is a good mic that is more than adequate is under $100 US. You need a studio condenser mic. I would suggest, because you are a beginner, to keep it very simple by putting several links to your audio chain into one. This way you won’t have to buy a mic preamp, a mixer and a digital interface. Use one of the new, USB condenser studio mics on the market. You simply plug it into your computer, set up the software and record using your recording software. Samson’s CO1U is a fabulous bargain at under $80 and Blue’s, USB “Snowball” comes pre-packaged in some stores with everything you need including software.

Second; your software. Here you have more choices than mints at your supermarket checkout. You don’t have to spend anything if you don’t want to. Use the most popular multi-track recording software,¬†Audacity. Just download it and read the instructions.

Believe it or not, that’s all you need, equipment wise, to get started! Having a thousand dollar mic, a pre-amp, a mixer board and a digital interface is for folks who have had a few years experience in recording and processing sound. You need to concentrate on learning to be a voice artist. While doing that, this set up will allow you to record, produce broadcast quality audio and give you the flexibility to play and see how different settings like equalization, compression and noise gates affect your sound.


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